Weekly Peep! (#62)

Is anyone getting bored of ecchi anime yet? Anyone??? No, we didn’t think so and as it’s such, here is the weekly update on the ecchi anime we’re watching. Check them out, some of the titles may surprise you!



Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 9) – Everyday Life with Threatening Letters

Kimihito goes on a date with Smith and as you might imagine, that doesn’t go down too well with the other girls, who decide to follow him to see what happens. However, it’s not quite as it seems and before he knows it Kimihito is going on dates with everyone!

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Gleipnir Episode 4 The Alien looking at Clair's body

Gleipnir (Episode 4) – I Wish I Was Someone Else

Things slowed down a little in this episode of Gleipnir, but it was a much-needed chance for the series to fill us in on some important details. It also set up the remainder of the series nicely. We’ve got some crazy things to look forward to, and no doubt there’s much more to things than we’ve been told so far.

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Gleipnir Episode 3 Clair in her Swimsuit Exhausted

Waifu of the Week (#61) – Clair Aoki

This week, Lynn nominates Clair from Gleipnir as the Waifu of the Week and it’s hard to argue. Some might argue that it’s taken too long to get to this point, but… well… they’re probably right. We’re here now, so let’s not worry too much and just enjoy it!

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 4 Eris after smelling Cat Nip Maracca Dance

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 4) – We’ve Come to Kidnap You

It was a slower episode in Cat Planet Cuties too, but this one was focused on setting up some events for the next episode and beyond. It was fun, but couldn’t hold a candle to the previous episode which was dynamite. Don’t worry though, there’s plenty more still to come.

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High School DxD (Special 3) – A Little Bold, Koneko-chan… Nyan!

Koneko accidentally drinks some tea intended for Issei and it has the opposite effect on her than they were planning… oh my!

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Tsugu Tsugumomo Episode 11 Kanaka and Azami ready to Fight Kazuya

Tsugu Tsugumomo (Episode 11) – Total War

The residents of Mayoiga attack Kukuri in the hopes of recovering her shard to power their lives. Although, no one would have thought that Kukuri was holding back. However, in order to utilize her full power, she’ll need to do something that she really doesn’t want to do!

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There’s just one episode left of Tsugu Tsugumomo and it promises to be a shocker. This series really isn’t on enough people’s radars. It has been great, but thankfully we’ve got plenty more of all of the other shows we’re covering. There’s bound to be more, however, we’ve also covered a lot of shows already, so have a look around, you will probably find something to interest you!

A great place to start is on the Reviews and Waifu pages. There you will find links to all of the shows we’ve looked into so far.

We’ve got plenty of titles lined up for the future, but we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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