Weekly Peep! (#65)


Oh, look! It’s time to start yet another new series on Ecchi Hunter. It’s going to be hard to fill the void left by Tsugumomo, but we’ll see what we can do. We’ve completed 36 seasons of ecchi anime and there’s still plenty more to come!


Everyday Life with Monster Girls (Episode 12) – Everyday Life with Monster Girls

Everyday Life with Monster Girls reaches the final episode. The action reaches a climax with… scrounging around town and the nearby forests for food because Kimihito has run out of money! Not much of a climax, but a climax isn’t really needed for a series like this, right?

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Gleipnir Episode 7 Shuuichi and Chihiro Merge into One Monster

Gleipnir (Episode 7) – Metamorphosis

Shuuichi finds Chihiro’s wallet, but they also find trouble. Things are looking bleak, but then something unexpected happens. There’s also a moment where some of Shuuichi’s memories are unlocked and they change everything. This series is incredible!

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Waifu of the Week (#64) – Tio

Yomu selected Tio from Everyday Life with Monster Girls as waifu #64. While she is a side character, she has some great qualities. In the end though, it all comes down to her big boobs….

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 7 Arisa surprised at Aiko Beach Bikini bum

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 7) – We’ve Come to Swim

Eris joins Kio’s school and before they even have a chance to get used to the idea, the episode turns into a trip to the beach and one interesting bikini episode. That’s right, bikinis… lot’s of bikinis. You should probably go check out the highlights!

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High School DxD (Special 6) – Asia Transforms!

It’s the final High School DxD Special, and, well, it’s not that great. Interesting to see, and if you’re REALLY into Asia, then maybe you’ll enjoy the couple of minutes of fan service it provides. Anyways, Asia decides she wants to do something more “devil-like”, and this is what we get…

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Bikini Warriors Episode 1 New Bikini Armor Fighter Not Impressed

Bikini Warriors (Episode 1) – It’s Not a Bikini If It’s Armor

How do you follow up Tsugumomo? With Bikini Warriors, that’s how! Lynn is diving headfirst into this series. Each episode may only be four minutes long, but you wouldn’t think so from the highlights reel!

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So, Bikini Warriors! That’s going to make for some interesting highlights reels over the coming twelve weeks. In that time, we’ll see even more series coming to the site. Next week sees the long-overdue start of season two of High School DxD, but also the season review of Everyday Life with Monster Girls, so there’s going to be mixed emotions. Nothing that another episode of Cat Planet Cuties won’t fix though!

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