Weekly Peep! (#69)

High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even In Another World Episode 9 Ringo Likes Shinobu's Special Massage

This is one of those weeks where everything just carried on as normal and it was pretty good. It’s always nice when we have a full schedule of shows that we’re enjoying and ultimately, that’s what we want! How was it for you?



Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 2) – Heart Hybrid

Kizuna is appointed the captain of the Ataraxia Academy’s best team. They go on a routine expedition that ends up being not-so-routine. Plenty of ecchi ensues featuring the well-endowed Yurishia and more!

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Gleipnir Episode 11 Shuuichi Clair and Sayaka's team

Gleipnir (Episode 11) – The Price of Resolve

Sayaka’s group struggle to come to terms with what happened in the woods, but for Clair and Shuuichi, it’s pretty much business as usual. Well, that is until Shuuichi pays the alien a visit alone and demands to know more about what happened to him. This series is getting more and more interesting and with only two episodes left, Lynn can’t wait to see what happens.

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Waifu of the Week (#68) – Irina Shidou

Yomu wastes no time in selecting Irina from High School DxD New as a waifu, making her waifu #68! Twintails, nice body… what more could one ask for from a waifu?

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Cat Planet Cuties Episode 11 Manami and Kio

Cat Planet Cuties (Episode 11) – I Came Looking for You

Very little in the way of ecchi content in this episode of Cat Planet Cuties, but that doesn’t seem to matter as the story continues to build towards a big showdown in the final episode. This series continues to surprise and delivers far more than anyone would have expected for a show with a title like Cat Planet Cuties.

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High School DxD New (Episode 4) – A Strong Enemy Appeared!

It’s High School DxD. What else do you need to know? Featuring plenty of great ecchi, an interesting story, and great characters. Also featuring more of Irina, Asia, Rias, and others!

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Bikini Warriors Episode 5 Going to sell potions

Bikini Warriors (Episode 5) – Saving Things That Go Unused

What do you do with all those items that you’ve just been carrying around for ages? Surely, you’re not going to need them. Might as well sell them and buy something useful, something that you need, something that would never be in a treasure chest near the point you need it, right?

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Yomu is just getting going with Hybrid x Heart and already we’re approaching the end for Cat Planet Cuties and Gleipnir. How time flies! We’ve got some ideas for what shows to cover next and hopefully, they’ll be just as good. The last thing we want to do is be stuck with some awful shows that don’t get us excited to watch the next one. That’s no fun at all.

If you’re new to the site, why not check out our Reviews and Waifu pages? There you will find links to all of the shows we’ve looked into so far.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to see us cover, we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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