Weekly Peep! (#74)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight and Killing Bites seem to be settling in nicely and offer a bit of variety in the style and tone of the shows. I mean, they’ve all got ecchi, so it’s good to vary some of the other elements. But then ecchi…



Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 7) – Imperial Hero: Grabel

We get to see more of Aldea, but not necessarily in the manner that Yomu had expected! In addition, the cute red haired Scarlet is given some attention. As usual, this show just piles on the ecchi and then gives a little story development behind it.

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 2 Stella boobs bounce bounce bounce

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 2) – The Worst One II

In this episode, Ikki’s sister arrives at the school and it’s an interesting reunion, to say the least. Stella, who is struggling with Shizuku, steps up her game and offers to wash Ikki’s back!

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Waifu of the Week (#73) – Xenovia Quarta

But, of course! Lynn picks another strong waifu with a sword. This guy has a deathwish it would appear. Still, it’s hard to argue with the selection of Xenovia!

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Killing Bites Episode 2 Hitomi bumps into Yuuya and accidentally flashes him

Killing Bites (Episode 2) – Shit, I Might Fall For You

Killing Bites is already shaping up to be crazy ride, full of awesome fights, accidental ecchi moments, and cool characters. Judging on the number of images Lynn is grabbing, this is going to be a fun series to follow.

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High School DxD New (Episode 9) – I Have a Junior!

While there wasn’t too much in terms of ecchi, the plot continues to thicken in High School DxD New with a big meeting between the three factions – angels, demons, and fallen angels, about to take place. This episode also featured a quick bath scene with Asia, Xenovia, and Koneko!

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Bikini Warriors Episode 10 Fighter Bikini Armor destroyed by exploding Chest

Bikini Warriors (Episode 10) – You Don’t Always Get What You Want Or Need

This episode looks at the unpredictable nature of treasure chests in dungeons. We’ve seen an episode where they got what they needed after grinding to but it ahead of time, but in this one they just can’t seem to get what they need!

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It certainly doesn’t look like we’re going to run out of ecchi titles to cover anytime soon. If anything there just seems to be more and more popping up. Lynn’s been scouting a couple of the newer shows and has made some notes on ones to follow up with once the uncensored versions become available. We know just how frustrating those censorship images can be, just jump back and check out Lynn’s posts on Why The Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? It might be time to revisit that series…

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If you’ve got anything you’d like to see us cover, we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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