Weekly Peep! (#75)

Monster Musume Episode 1 Kuroko Smith Lips

With all the extra crazy going on in the world right now, why not forget all about it and look after yourself for a while? And what better way than looking at pictures of cute anime girls! That’s where we come in…



Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Episode 8) – Connective Hybrid

Hybrid x Heart is slowly crossing further into hentai territory, now with more implied sex and the novel idea of using threesomes to power up the girls even more!

It’s amazing and scary what ecchi is capable of!

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 3 Stella defeated the terrorists panties and bra

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 3) – The Worst One III

We finally get to see Ikki in a real situation and it was a lot of fun. Stella had her moments too and seeing her kicking ass in her underwear was a good highlight. We also got to meet the jerk that Ikki will face in his next match.

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Waifu of the Week (#74) – Aldea

Yomu selects Aldea as this week’s waifu. Why? Well, just look at that picture. That’s why.

He lists other reasons in the post, but let’s be hoenst, there are only two reasons…!

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Killing Bites Episode 3 Ui Inaba scared

Killing Bites (Episode 3) – I Really Have No Redeeming Quality

So, Hitomi has been entered into the Destroyal tournament, but to do so, they need a third member of the team. Unfortunately, no one wants to join them, but there is one other Therianthrope that no one has considered, but how much use will a bunny-girl really be?

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High School DxD New (Episode 10) – Various Three-way Deadlocks!

Issei gets an Akeno lap pillow, Rias gets mad, the girls have a sleepover in Issei’s room, and more in this episode of High School DxD New! The three-way conference between the angels, demons, and fallen angels has begun!

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Bikini Warriors Episode 11 Paladin prepared nude

Bikini Warriors (Episode 11) – A Snare To Trap A Pure Maiden

Paladin is always sacrificing herself for the team, and this time she’s prepared to marry a randy old mayor in order to keep the party moving, but will they let her go through with it?

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We’re getting close to the end of Bikini Warriors and have some great ideas for what to do next. It’s almost the end of season two of High School DxD, but there are another two seasons so no need to panic there. Anyhow, hopefully, we continue to bring a smile to your faces in these troubled times. Sometimes, you just have to unplug yourself from all the madness out there and enjoy some hot anime girls. There’s a rumour that it will make you live longer, too!

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