Weekly Peep! (#80)

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two Hit Multi Target Attacks Episode 3 Mamako Bikini Armor Rear

And that’s another series finished. So long, Hybrid x Heart, it’s been interesting… Other than that, we had another top ten post, a DxD OVA and much more. Do believe us, take a look… Just don’t stare. It’s rude!

Now, let’s get down to business.


Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia (Season One)

Yomu wraps up Hybrid x Heart for good with a final look at the entire season. It was a real ecchi journey, but what did he think about the show after putting all of the pieces together?

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Chivalry of a Failed Knight Episode 8 Kuraudo and Ikki having fun

Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Episode 8) – Sword Eater III

Don’t expect much ecchi content in this episode of Chivalry of a Failed Knight, but you can expect a great fight. It really is a lot of fun and takes up most of the episode which is also nice. Let’s get it on!

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Killing Bites Episode 8 Hitomi enjoying the fight

Waifu of the Week (#79) – Hitomi Uzaki

Sharp teeth, long claws, killer instinct… Sure, let’s make her a waifu of the week. Lynn can’t help but fall for the dangerous anime girls. It would appear that the chance of them killing you only increases the attraction… She is hot though!

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Killing Bites Episode 8 Ui running from Shouta

Killing Bites (Episode 8) – Shit… Shit Shit Shit Shit!!

Hitomi and Taiga start their fight which is excellent. However, the real surprise comes when Shouta was chasing Ui. He got impatient and started throwing trees at her. This just upset Kido and made him turn on his teammate. It’s violent, bloody, and a hell of a lot of fun.

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High School DxD New (OVA) – Oppai, Tsutsumimasu!

The occult research club encounters an underwear stealing monster, which then leads them to a man with a serious passion for women’s undergarments! As you’d expect from an OVA, this episode has a ton of highlights, so check it out!

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OreSuki Pansy Breasts Swimsuit

Yomu’s Top 10 Ecchi Anime Swimsuits!

Yomu compiles a list of his top 10 ecchi anime swimsuits, choosing from a variety of gals and ecchi anime for your entertainment! Do you agree with his choices? At the very least, we can all agree that you can’t go wrong with anime girls in swimsuits!

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So, if Hybrid x Heart finished this week, that means we’ll have something new to cover next week. Exciting times. Can you guess what it’ll be? We also released another top ten list and this time Yomu dived into the world of anime swimsuits. The lists are a lot of fun to put together and we’re always thinking up new topics. If you have any suggestions let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

If you’re new to the site, why not check out our Reviews and Waifu pages? There you will find links to all of the shows we’ve looked into so far.

If you’ve got anything you’d like to see us cover, we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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