Weekly Peep! (#91)

Miru Tights Nurse

91 weeks and still going! While there’s ecchi anime out there, we’re going to keep going through series, one episode at a time. We’ve managed to cover quite the collection of ecchi anime already, as we close in on 100 weeks!

We hope that you enjoy the content that we have put up on Ecchi Hunter from week 1 till now, and that you continue to do so!


Unbreakable Machine-Doll (Episode 11) – Facing “Elf Speeder” III

Well, Yomu is almost finished with Unbreakable Machine-Doll, and he’s just about ready for the end. While the story progresses, there are some consistent themes in the series that have tired him out some.

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Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen Episode 6 Frealica

Armor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen (Episode 6) – All You Need is Armor

A new girl arrives at the shop and ask Kautz for some help picking out some new armor. He tries to find something not too risky, but she manages to tease him for it anyhow. Then, when she pushes things further, he blacks out and finds himself in an unfortunate loop!

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Waifu of the Week (#90) – Chihiro Yoshioka

This week Yomu selected Chihiro Yoshioka from Gleipnir as waifu of the week! She’s a very cute girl who was a little overshadowed by some of the other girls in the series, but definitely is worthy of a pick herself!

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My Wife is the Student Council President Episode 6 Ui comes in to find her mother

My Wife is the Student Council President! (Episode 6) – The Student Council President’s Family

Well, I didn’t see that coming. Apparently, the little girl that interrupted them kissing in last episode is actually Ui’s mother and to make matters worse, she’s staying over with Hiyato and Ui. How could this possibly go wrong?

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Highschool DxD BorN (Episode 11) – I Will Fight!

Once again, it seems the nostalgia for High School DxD has perhaps shown that this third season in the series is not the greatest, as both Lynn and Yomu have trouble enjoying the way the series has gone in BorN. This episode in particular didn’t seem to do much for either of them!

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Lynn’s Top 10 High School DxD Girls!

For this week’s top ten post, Lynn has selected his favorite girls from High School DxD and would you believe it, it could have been a much longer list than just a top ten. More than ten is probably being greedy though, so that’s the limit!

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And that was week #91 on Ecchi Hunter! What are your thoughts on the series we’re currently covering, and on our weekly lists? Hopefully we’ve managed to show you the ecchi highlights you were looking for!

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If you’ve got anything you’d like to see us cover, we’re always open to suggestions. Feel free to leave us a comment here, or message us on Twitter! So, once again, thanks for visiting!

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