Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? (Episode 1) – First Period

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Imagine you’re bursting for a piss, you charge into the men’s bathroom, and rush into a stall. Now, imagine that your teacher is sitting there staring back at you!

First Period

Sato finds himself in a nightmare scenario. He rushed into the bathroom to take a piss, but now finds Kojima the Demon sat on the toilet staring back at him and she’s not happy. This is the men’s bathroom, but that’s not going to save him. Unable to get out as the door has surprisingly jammed, he tries to call for help, but the last thing Kojima wants is for someone else to find them in this compromising situation.

In an attempt to silence Sato, she grabs him and pulls him towards her. On top of that, Kojima is desperately trying not to pee in front of him. Things just seem to get worse from there, and don’t forget the reason that Sato is in there in the first place!

Later, Sato has decided he’s going to skip class and go to the infirmary with a “sprained ankle”. Unfortunately, when he arrives he finds a sick and delirious Kojima. She’s feeling terrible and asks Sato to find her some medicine to help. He finds them, but they only have the suppository version. As drowsy as she is, Kojima asks Sato to help her take the medicine. He reluctantly agrees, blindfolding himself in an attempt to make it less awkward.

The next day, Sato is in the infirmary with the same illness that Kojima had. Luckily, she shows up to see how he’s doing and apologize for making him sick. She also tells him that she knows he was faking yesterday and as a punishment, she’s going to administer his medicine…

Episode Thoughts

I was laughing all the way through this episode, which was really two short scenes. The episode itself was only twelve minutes long which worked out fine. If you like awkward comedy with outrageous situations and inappropriate behavior, then you have come to the right place. I also really enjoyed the animation style which really accentuated their expressions. It’ll be interesting to see how they keep it up, but this series has the potential to be a lot of fun. It’s also worth noting that it is censored as it’s currently a new release.

Ecchi Highlights

The Bathroom!

The Infirmary!

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  1. Well this looks like fun. Is this “officially” available anywhere or is it a fansub dealio?

    • I’m watching it on Crunchyroll so it’s an official sub. It is heavily censored which is annoying, but it’s still a lot of fun. The BluRay comes out towards the end of the year and is rumoured to be uncensored.

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