Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? (Episode 10) – Tenth Period

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Koh has just discovered that Sato, Suzuki, and Taka are all dating teachers… He vows to get a girlfriend before graduation but his job keeps him too busy to meet girls!

Tenth Period

Koh works at a restaurant and it takes up all of his free time, so how’s he supposed to meet girls. Then, when he discovers that all three of his friends are dating teachers, he vows to find himself a girlfriend. Taking out the old oil from the kitchen, Koh bumps into the school nurse – Absolute Zero Tachibana, known for her chilly personality and ice cold expression. In an attempt to make up for covering her in oil, Koh takes her to the staff room and gives her some clothes. To his shock, she changes in front of him and then he slips on the oil…

Tachibana confides in Hazakura that she wishes to improve her ability to talk to students. Hazakura asks if there’s anyone she knows that she could practice talking with. Naturally, Tachibana chooses Koh and invites herself over for Christmas. There she shows Koh some videos of herself and then a bit more… Finally, when the day is over they exchange gifts. Koh gives her a present he had for if he had found a girlfriend. She gives him a bag and leaves. Inside the bag, Koh finds Tachibana’s panties as she walks away wondering what this extra present she has is for.

Episode Thoughts

So, it looks like we’re moving onto the fourth student to date a teacher… This school is a mess! Anyhow, we’re back to the two scene format and it’s very funny. Tachibana’s ice cold comments are great. However, it’s her emotionless approach to everything that really makes this episode funny. She’s also a bit of a ditz and unable to read people. I think the last couple of episodes are going to be good with Tachibana around.

Ecchi Highlights

At the Restaurant!

Clean Clothes!

The Teacher’s Lounge!

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 10 Tachibana Tells Hazakura She Wants To Be Able To Talk To Students

Christmas with Koh!

Exchanging Presents!

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