Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? (Episode 11) – Eleventh Period

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

When Koh helped Tachibana Sensei carry home her shopping, he never expected he’d end up on a romantic weekend for two with her…

Eleventh Period

Koh ran into Tachibana shopping and offered to help her carry her bags. In return, she bought a lottery ticket and said that he could keep whatever she won. He refused, insisting that they split the prize. Well, would you believe they won a trip for two to an island getaway? Tachibana is determined to improve her student-teacher relationships and tries her hardest to make the trip fun…

When she attempts to take Koh swimming things don’t go quite as planned, especially when a mischievous hermit-crab gets a little handsy. Next, Tachibana plans to take Koh on a night hike to see the stars, but when it starts to rain they duck into a cave for shelter. Then the thunder and lightning starts and they end up falling deeper into the cave!

Episode Thoughts

This was another funny and sweet episode. It’s hard not to fall for Tachibana with her awkward mannerisms and determined attempts to make Koh like her. She is insanely cute when she blushes, too. However, once again the censorship got in the way of everything and most of the time I think it’s just blocking her panties… This was a really hard one to get screen caps without the censorship in.

Ecchi Highlights

The Trip for Two!

Going Swimming!

Tachibana Falls In!

Koh Helps Her Out!

The Night Hike!

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