Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? (Episode 5) – Fifth Period

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Now that Sato is seeing Kojima, he’s going to be eating with her, leaving his best-friend Suzuki to eat alone as he struggles to make friends because he’s so large and angry looking!

Fifth Period

Suzuki sits alone to eat his lunch, having been ditched by his best-friend Sato. With Sato about to graduate, he tells Suzuki that he should use the time to find a new friend for when he’s not around, but Suzuki is huge and angry looking so finding friends is hard. Resolved to eat alone, he sits down beside the pond, when the art teacher known as Holy Mother Matsukaze asks if he would like to eat with her.

Impressed at his culinary skills, Matsukaze asks if he’d be willing to swap some of their lunch. Then, when she tries to feed him directly, they both panic and she falls in the pond. In an attempt to save her Suzuki inadvertently rips off her skirt. Then he lifts her out of the pond, but activates the fountain, shooting a jet straight between her legs. He offers her his sweater but leaves his commuter pass inside. Matsukaze hurries to the station to return it…

Episode Thoughts

When I realized that they were going to switch the focus away from Sato and Kojima, I was a little worried, but that has passed. This episode was excellent, following the same sort of awkward comedy and embarrassing situations that made the first two episodes so funny. Honestly, this series is great. It’s so funny. All I’m going to say further is ‘that’s not a button!’

Ecchi Highlights

Lunch Time!

The Fountain!

The Teacher’s Locker-room!

The Train!

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