Why the hell are you here, Teacher!? (Episode 7) – Seventh Period

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Title

Taka and Hazakura have know each other most of their lives, however, she’s now the teacher and he’s a student, but why should that make things awkward?

Seventh Period

High school student, Takashi Takahashi has known his teacher, Hazahura for his entire life. She was his babysitter and friend(ish) growing up, so you’d expect them to be fairly close even now, but when Taka came home from school one day, he found Hazahura asleep in his bed. Before he could do anything she grabbed him and used him as a body pillow. Unfortunately, his buttons caught on her top and popped open her bra.

Still suffering from the shock off finding Taka with his face in her bare chest, Hazahura decides to get him back by making him go shopping with her. To further mess with him, she takes him to the lingerie department and makes him pick some out for her. In a fluster, Taka grabs the first thing he feels and throws them into the dressing room, only he’s picked out a sexy sheer black pair, but Hazahura is about to let him win…

Episode Thoughts

So, we’ve moved onto the third student teacher pairing. If this wasn’t a hilarious anime it could be quite sinister, and even more so if the genders were reversed. Anyhow, this is another funny episode. It wasn’t as good as the Kojima and Matsukaze episodes, especially the first half which seem a little forced, but then the second half was much better. I’m still looking forward to being able to get a hold of an uncensored version because it really is annoying.

Ecchi Highlights

The Bedroom!

The Lingerie Department!

Why The Hell Are You Here Teacher Episode 7 Taka In Lingerie Department

The Fitting Room!

The Escalator!

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