Yomu’s Top 10 Keijo!!!!!!!! Girls!

It’s been a while since we’ve covered Keijo!!!!!!!!, but there are such a wide variety of interesting girls and abilities that it’s worth taking another look, with the top 10 girls from the series!

This is Yomu’s top 10 Keijo!!!!!!!! girls!

Keijo!!!!!!!! Swimsuits Ecchi Anime Nozomi Win

Nothing to explain about this one – let’s get to the girls!

#10. Saya Kogatana

Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Swimsuits Anime Saya

Recently, I featured Saya on my list covering ecchi anime female supporting characters. And I just had to include her here, too. While she doesn’t get a lot of screen time, her boob quickdraw technique packs a punch. That, and she’s a good looking gal!

#9. Kotone Fujisaki

Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Swimsuit Ecchi Fujisaki Back Tall

Kotone is someone who is featured early on as a rival of sorts, facing off against Nozomi. Her technique, “Cerberus”, causes her butt to seek out and attack any enemy in the ring with her. As to be expected from a Keijo gal, it’s a nice butt!

#8. Hanabi Kawai

Keijo!!!!!!!! Swimsuits Ecchi Anime Kawai Breasts

Hanabi is another girl who comes across as an enemy early on, and if I remember correctly, she was Nozomi’s first opponent in the tryouts for school. She beat Nozomi with her quick hip technique which knocked Nozomi into the water, allowing her to join the elite class right away. She’s cute but has a bit of a twisted side.

#7. Maya Sakashiro

Keijo!!!!!!!! Swimsuits Ecchi Anime Maya

Maya is the final boss of Keijo, a girl of great skill who also has an alternate ego which she uses to fight when pushed to the edge. In the end though, she’s a cute girl with a nice personality. If there ever were a sequel to Keijo, I’m sure Maya would make an appearance once again, possibly as a friend.

#6. Kyoko Shirayuki

Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Swimsuit Anime Kyouko

Next up is the professional Keijo player, Kyoko. She’s got the skills, an excellent figure, and her hair is awesome, with how the shade changes as it gets longer. Overall, just a really cool gal.

#5. Sayaka Miyata

Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode 3 Ecchi Sayaka Spats

Her area of expertise is speed and also judo, apparently. Throughout the series we see quite a bit of Sayaka, and what we see the most of is her nice butt. She’s got a good drive and her white hair is great, too!

#4. Aoba Kazane

Keijo!!!!!!!! Ecchi Swimsuits Anime Kazane Breasts

She’s cute, and smart – Aoba’s interesting technique is that she learns about others by feeling them up. After analyzing enough women, she manages to build up quite the repertoire of abilities!

#3. Mio Kusakai

Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Swimsuits Ecchi Kusakai

From early on, it’s not a secret that Mio likes her fellow Keijo combatants. More than just as a competitor… And she makes use of this love in her abilities, making them feel good as she defeats them!

#2. Non Toyoguchi

Keijo!!!!!!!! Anime Ecchi Swimsuits Toyoguchi Non

What can I say, Non is a bit of an airhead, but she’s got some serious assets. Both on the front and back! In addition, she’s just cute and bubbly. The kind of anime girl that I’m a fan of! Plus, her thickness works to her advantage as she is able to reflect enemy attacks, so she makes good use of those curves!

#1. Nozomi Kaminashi

Keijo!!!!!!!! Swimsuits Ecchi Anime Nozomi Spats Tall Butt

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Nozomi would make the top spot on a list like this! She’s got everything, from her great figure to her super driven personality. While all of the other girls are great additions to the anime, it’s Nozomi’s attitude that I felt like really makes Keijo!!!!!!!! what it is. Who couldn’t cheer for a girl like this?

That does it for my top 10 Keijo!!!!!!!! gals. The entire cast of the anime is really great, and all of the girls are interesting in their own ways. As usual, you really can’t go wrong with this sort of thing.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed, and we’ll see you next week for another top 10!

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