Yomu’s Top 10 Striped Panties!

There are many kinds of panties, from the pure white, to patterned, to very revealing. But one style that’s a classic is the striped panties, which we’ll look at here!

This is Yomu’s top 10 striped panties!

This Post Contains NSFW Images!


Despite being a classic style, I had to scour our media library for 10 different striped panties moments / characters on the site! And so, here we go!

#10. Xenovia

Enjoy the naked breasts along with the panties, because from what I could find, this was the only time Xenovia wears striped panties. Strangely, they’re vertical stripes, which is very rare and unconventional.

#9. Sawatari

Next up is Sawatari, with her pink striped panties. She only takes the 10th spot because while they’re striped, the stripes are only in one spot on the panties!

#8. Wise

Here we’ve got Wise, who, from what I could find, only has these two moments where we can see her panties. Which are striped with the classic blue / white!

#7. Shirayuki

We don’t see this colour too much, but here we have the purple striped panties, matching Shirayuki’s hair!

#6. Maria

She could easily get a better spot, but Maria actually wears white panties for most of The Testament of Sister New Devil. Really, we were lucky to get striped panties in this one moment, which is still pretty good.

#5. Kendo Girl

Highschool DxD Kendo Girl Panties Uncensored
Source – High School DxD

I’m pretty sure she’s given a name at some point before the end of the series, but I just can’t remember what it is. I’ve always known her as one of the kendo girls from episode 1 of High School DxD. And I’ve always remembered that she sports some great striped panties + matching bra!

#4. Katsuragi

We’re only a few episodes into the series so far, but I’ve gotta include Katsuragi who unapologetically wears her striped panties coupled with a short skirt that doesn’t do a very good job at hiding anything. Which is great!

#3. Saya

Perhaps one of the more famous striped panties wearing gals, we can’t forget about Saya. Like many other girls, she’s sporting blue striped panties (seems blue, green, and shades in-between are very popular).

#2. Koneko

Koneko is an interesting case, because she actually wears many different patterns and types of panties. One of which happens to be striped panties, both pink and blue!

#1. Niikura

Topping off the list is Niikura from My Wife is the Student Council President!, who just gives us some great highlights featuring striped panties. That’s really all there is to it!

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