YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Episode 15) – A Summer That Won’t Come Back

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

Mio has convinced her father to allow her to use their private beach with Takuya, Yuuki and Kanna, only he doesn’t know that Takuya and Yuuki will be there…

A Summer That Won’t Come Back

It’s the beach episode! Mio’s father owns a cottage with a private beach and as the normal beach is closed due to the construction works there, she has managed to convince him to let her go away with her girlfriends for a night. Her girlfriends consisting of Kanna, Takuya, and Yuuki…

On the way there, they switch trains and discover that the creepy guy is following them. They manage to trick him onto a different train so that they can enjoy themselves without worrying about him. Safe at the cottage, they get ready for the beach and start having fun.

Later in the evening, they discover that all the barbecue meat has gone, and so has the reflector device and Kanna’s pendant. A strange sound in the basement forces the guys to check it out. They find a wild dog with what’s left of the meat, the reflector device and Kanna’s pendant. It runs away, knocking the barbecue over and setting off all their fireworks. The next morning they all head home, but Kanna passes out on the way!

Episode Thoughts

This is an odd episode in this series. It did very little to move the story along, in fact, no much of anything really happened. At least nothing with any real significance. The most notable thing was the way that Kanna repeated the exact words that the woman with the pendant from Takuya’s past said to him. Could they be the same person? Obviously, it was also a beach episode, so that means bikinis!

Ecchi Highlights

Kanna Hatano – The Transfer Student!

Mio Shimazu – The History Student!

Beach Games!

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