YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Episode 19) – The Bond Between Parent And Child

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

It’s been a while since Takuya travelled through time and space to arrive in Dela Granto and in that time, he’s fathered a child with the mute priestess, Sayless!

The Bond Between Parent And Child

So, Sayless and Takuya have had a baby. It’s a girl that Sayless named Yu-No. Takuya has taken on the role of guardian from the late Ailia and has been determined to keep his new family safe. The odd thing, however, is that Yu-No is growing at an incredible rate. It’s equivalent to four years for every one year. So, after four years, she’s already like a sixteen-year-old.

The monsters that Takuya fights away are starting to trouble him. On several occasions, he thinks he might have heard them talk. Then, he comes across an injured winged monster who fights back and then reveals she has a child. The monster dies and Yu-No takes in the monster’s child as her friend/pet.

One day while picking strawberries with Yu-No, Takuya notices some creatures outside his house. He runs back hoping that he can find a way to cross the desert, but when he gets to his house, he witnesses something unspeakable!

Episode Thoughts

After last week’s bizarre change in genre, things have only gotten crazier. As of now, we can assume that Takuya has been in Dela Granto for four years but don’t worry, Takuya’ father mentioned about time not being consistent, plus once Takuya has the stone to save Kanna, he can just push the button on the reflector device and he’ll be back, but then what of his new family?

Also, let’s take a moment to talk about Yu-No. If you remember back in episode one, a nude elf appeared on the beach and kissed Takuya. Well, judging by the hairstyles, that appears to be Yu-No. So… let’s just hope that Takuya isn’t the actual father because this could get pretty messed up!

Ecchi Highlights

Sayless – The Priestess!

Yu-No – The Daughter!

Monster Girls!

The Emperor!

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