YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Episode 2) – Parallel World Constitutive Theorem

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

Takuya is still puzzled by what happened the night before, but the guide his father left him may offer some clues. He tests the mysterious device to get a better understanding of how it works.

Parallel World Constitutive Theorem

While testing the mysterious device, Takuya learns that every time it’s used it creates a parallel world, returning to the reset point from when the device was activated. Items on his person also remain with him when he returns to the reset point, but everything else is as it was. It looks like this could come in handy, but what are the possible consequences of messing with reality?

Takuya checks in with his stepmother to make sure she’s all right. She is, but she then asks him to go through his father’s old notes to box them up to give to his old colleague. Takuya reluctantly agrees, taking Mio and Masakatsu with him for help. It also allows them to give us a little more information as Masakatsu is the clueless best friend.

Later that night, Takuya goes to Ayumi’s work, but she’s at an off-site meeting. He manages to convince the security guard to tell him where, but when he gets there, Ayumi is being confronted by a couple of thugs who want to get their hands on the top-secret data. Looks like an ideal time to give the mysterious device a real workout!

Episode Thoughts

Usually, I’m not a big fan of exposition dumps, but this one actually felt more natural and while it raised a lot of interesting ideas and possible theories for the series, it managed to keep it light and mysterious. I also loved seeing Takuya use the mysterious device to try to change the outcome of the fight. There’s definitely a lot going on and you really need to watch everything as there will no doubt be lots of clues. I’m really enjoying this one so far.

Ecchi Highlights

Eriko Takeda – The Teacher!

Kanna Hatano – The Transfer Student!

Ayumi Arima – The Stepmother!

Mio Shimazu – The History Student!

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