YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Episode 24) – The Truth of Dela Granto

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

Yu-No has Takuya cornered and doesn’t seem to remember him. He manages to escape. Will he restore her memories and find out the truth behind Dela Granto?

The Truth of Dela Granto

Deep in the depths of the Palace Takuya comes across a strange orange prison and inside he finds someone he never expected to see her. It was Ryuuzouji or at least his body. Inside him was the time entity that Erika Takedo has focused her life on capturing. Luckily, Erika shows up to take him into custody, but while Takuya flirts with her, Ryuuzouji uses his Niarb hypnosis on Takuya’s friends and turns them against him.

Ryuuzouji escapes and Erika follows, leaving Takuya to search for Yu-No and the Divine Emperor. He manages to find both, but again he is surprised by what he finds. The Emperor is actually his step-mother Ayumi and she reveals that Dela Granto used to be a part of Earth but to avoid extinction the advanced civilization that lived there transported a piece of Earth into another dimension.

On top of that, every four-hundred years Dela Granto and Earth almost collide, unless the AI that controls Dela Granto is able to move it away in time. To do that she needs a host, or more specifically a priestess!

Episode Thoughts

Well, who could have possibly seen the Ayumi surprise coming? Me! That’s who. Back in the highlights for episode 21, I made the prediction and it’s always nice to get some validation. Anyhow, my glory aside, this series hasn’t quite been the same since Takuya made the trip to Dela Granto. It’s been all right and had some nice moments, but I was really enjoying it up to that point. Hopefully, these last couple of episodes will turn it all around for me. We just need a happy ending…

Ecchi Highlights

Amanda – The Revolutionary!

Eriko Takeda – The Dimension Cop!

Yu-No – The Priestess!

Sarah – The Bandit!

Ai – AI

Ayumi – The Divine Emperor!

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