YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Episode 4) – Dirtied White Skin

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

Takuya has a dream where his father tells him to watch over Ayumi, but when he gets there she’s already committed suicide! At least it was just a dream…

Dirtied White Skin

The dream felt so real that Takuya raced into Ayumi’s room upon waking to find her bathing. Flustered, he left her alone and returned to the living room. He answered the phone only to get into an argument with Toyotomi before handing the call over to Ayumi. He heads into school and bumps into Mio, but she’s just found out that her father, the mayor is sending her to America to study.

Kaori meets Takuya at the school and takes him to the roof to discuss some things. He ditches her, running to class only to then try to skip out on that too. Eriko gives the class a pop-quiz, but the intercom calls Takuya to the office. The call is from Geotech’s legal team wanting to know where Ayumi is because she could be in a lot of trouble.

Takuya rushes home to find Toyotomi putting the moves on Ayumi. He throws him across the room only for Ayumi to apologize and tell Takuya to leave. Unable to believe what he’s seeing, he goes to a cafe where Kaori appears and makes him a proposal. When he discovers what’s going on Takuya races home, but nothing will prepare him for what he will find!

Episode Thoughts

This series just took a very dark turn and it was incredible. I am honestly flabbergasted. Seriously, if there is anyone out there that still dismisses this series because it has a minor amount of fan-service and ecchi content then they are fooling themselves. This series is excellent. It is far cleverer and more subtle than I ever imagined. Be sure to check back for the next episode review because I think it’s about to get even better!

Ecchi Highlights

Eriko Takeda – The Teacher!

Ayumi Arima – The Stepmother!

Mio Shimazu – The History Student!

Kaori Asakura – The Reporter!

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  1. People lambasted Shield Hero for having a “controversial” opening episode, but both this episode and the next of YU-NO blow it out of the water.

    Not a peep from ANYBODY.

    • I’m sure the usual outrage hunters only check the first episode. If it doesn’t offend them there and then they must move on looking for something else. All joking aside, this episode was a good one and don’t say anything about the next one just yet. I’m surprised that more people aren’t watching this series. It’s very good.

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