YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World (Season One)

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World Title

When Takuya received the power to jump between parallel dimensions, he had no idea how dangerous it would be or how much it would change his life!

The Overview

Takuya’s father mysteriously vanished, leaving him living with Ayumi, his step-mother. Then, he receives a parcel from his father with a strange device. He discovers that this device has the power to let him move between parallel dimensions, each one slightly different from the last. With that, he can relive the same moments trying to change the outcome.

But there are others that want the device and they are willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Takuya moves from dimension to dimension changing the stream of time, saving his friends and family, and coming up against ancient legends and mysterious worlds. One question alludes him, however, and that is who was the mysterious blonde girl that kissed him and then vanished!

The Story

This series is based on a visual novel, no, not just a visual novel. It’s probably THE visual novel. As such the story is broken into a number of different arcs, each one focusing on one of the different women in Takuya’s life. They are incredibly varied and all wonderfully told. Some are light and fun, others horrifying and traumatic. There’s just no telling what might happen, especially as this series is not afraid to go anywhere.

My only real criticism is that the final arc was a little rushed and the ending too compact. They closed off several arcs in one go and it kind of diminished the impact of them. Maybe, I’m just being greedy, but I would have gladly had another thirteen episodes to really get into the Dela Granto arc. This is a great story and it never stops you guessing.

The Characters

Is Takuya Arima the original harem protagonist? I’m not sure, but he could be. He’s also fairly unique in that Takuya is not afraid of nude girls. If anything he excels in that department, having sex with many of the girls in the anime and all in the visual novel. He also has two children in the show. Other than that, he is a good lead character and always goes out of his way to save the ones he loves.

Ayumi Arima is Takuya’s step-mother. She is a scientist who is focused on the strange rock structure off the coast of their town. Her research leads her to make several enemies who actively plot her downfall. In one reality she is transferred to another dimension where she becomes the Emperor.

Mio Shimazu is one of Takuya’s close friends. Her father is the mayor and he’s quite corrupt, taking bribes to ensure that permits are issued. At one point, he makes arrangements for Mio to move abroad for school to protect her from his dealings. She is in love with Takuya but struggles to admit it.

Eriko Takeda, the school teacher with the interesting dress sense. It turns out that Eriko is from the very distant future and is an interdimensional cop searching for an immortal creature that stole her partner’s body. She is also a scientist that was investigating the Tree of Vrinda and causality.

Mitsuki Ichijou is Ryuuzouji’s secretary although he is actually the immortal creature Eriko is hunting and uses mind control to make Mitsuki do his bidding. She was the first of the women to sleep with Takuya and was subsequently caught in the act by Mio. Mitsuki seems destined to die in every parallel dimension, much to Takuya’s dismay.

Kaori Asakura is a reporter and investigator hired by Ryuzouji. In one dimension, she gets close to Takuya in order to frame him and destroy Ayumi’s career. Takuya often calls her a sad old cougar, but she doesn’t seem that old!

Kanna Hatano is a transfer student. Eriko asks Takuya to keep a close eye on her. She is solemn and doesn’t mix well. It also turns out she has been selling her body to survive and lives alone following the death of her mother. She’s also over fifty years old but doesn’t age. It turns out that she is actually Takuya’s daughter after Amanda was sent flying through time.

Sayless is the priestess of Dela Granto that falls in love with Takuya after he saves her. She gives birth to their child, Yu-No. When the emperor’s soldiers come to reclaim the priestess, she kills herself to protect Yu-No.

Yu-No is the daughter of Takuya from Dela Granto. She aged at a rate of four years every year they were there. She took over the role of the priestess and allowed the AI, Grantia to take over her body in an attempt to stop Dela Granto from crashing with Earth. When it became apparent that it was impossible. They sent Dela Granto eight-thousand years into the past and crashed it into the Earth.

Amanda was the revolutionary who fell in love with Takuya. They had sex before the day of the ceremony. That was the day that Amanda was ripped through time and ended up back on Earth where she gave birth to Kanna.

Fan Service

There is fan service in this series, but it’s a lighter version of it. You can expect lots of panty shots and bras. The occasional bum and implied sex. I believe that the visual novel contains much more and in that the objective is to sleep with the various girls in the story. There is a wide variety of girls and I can almost guarantee that there will be someone for everyone. Personally, Eriko was my favourite.

Ecchi Highlights


Story Rating: Excellent

The story is the big seller here. It is engaging and absolutely captivating. I can only imagine how much fun this series would be to binge. It would be almost impossible to stop and at twenty-six episodes it’s going to take at least half a day to do so. It would be a half a day well spent, but still, that’s a lot. I cannot recommend this series highly enough.

Ecchi Rating: Hot

I was thinking of going with a Mild rating, but the girls are hot and are often in underwear or less, even if there are no nipples shown. I think that’s the thing stops it from being Smoking. If you want more, then the visual novel is the place to go where I believe things will get absolutely Smoking Hot!


YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of This World was a great series and one that I am very glad that I watched. Like anything else, it’s not perfect, but there is more than enough here to keep anyone interested. I was eagerly anticipating each week’s release and even switched from dubbed to subbed part way through because I couldn’t wait any longer to see what happened next.

Episodic Highlights

If you still want some more, there are more images and highlights on the episode reviews below.

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